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Please read

Prior to completing the enquiry form please ensure you have read when our next litter with availability will be details are on our puppy page, while we may have litters due in between the puppies already have homes waiting for them.

Please also ensure you met our criteria for joining the waiting list.

In order to join our wanting list you must-

Not currently be seeking a puppy elsewhere or be on another breeders waiting list so,  if you have visits or outstanding enquires with other breeders please bring them to a close before completing this form.

Be prepared to wait for us to have the right puppy for you in some cases this can take up to 18 months.

Not work fulltime or if you do you must be able to demonstrate you have suitable day care options in place taking into consideration cost and that some day cares do not take entire males as this is breed that shouldn’t be neutered earlier than 18 months of age.

Have given consideration to the exercise and training needs of a high energy and intelligence hunting dog breed.

Have considered the practicalities of rearing a high energy bouncy dog around small children if applicable.

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Puppies are coming!

We are pleased to announce thet Kelly is pregnant

All quiet for now

Today  marks a very quiet day for us the first day in a number of weeks that we are puppy free.

The puppies are settling well  and it is always a nice time for us to sit back and watch the benefits of our hard work integrate into their new homes as always extremely privileged to have such lovely…

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 October 2018 it became law for people who breed more than two litters of puppies to have a local authority license.

I am pleased to say we have passed our inspection with the highest standards and we are the holders of a five star license 

New Website

Welcome to our new website it is still work in progress.
If you spot any errors please let Katy know

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Puppies Planned

We have puppies planned for 2020