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Breeding for Health, Temperament and Natural Ability

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Are you looking for a Hungarian Vizsla puppy ? Please view our litter plans for 2020 and also visit our other breeders list where you will find details of reputable breeders in the UK with future plans


The Gunfield Kennel is proudly owned by Kennel Club Assured breeders Mr Andrew and Mrs Katy Olsson   
We are current inspected members of the UK Kennel Club Assured breeders scheme and holders of a 5* local authority breeding license.

The Gunfield Hungarian Vizslas are not only wonderful pets they also working gundogs who work on the beating line and picking up at four different shoots, We believe that the attributes that make our dogs good gundogs are also vital for making good family companions also.

 We also occasionally participate in open and championship showing with our dogs with good results.

Since we began breeding the Vizsla in 1999 we have been committed to breeding soundly constructed dogs with a steady temperament, good health and natural hunting ability while keeping inbreeding coefficients low and breeding  a true to type Hungarian Vizsla.

The variety of bloodlines available to us within our own breeding program is unique to us in the UK, we have invested enormously into the Hungarian Vizsla breed by importing  top quality Vizslas from Europe and the USA to further the gene pool for ourselves and other UK breeders.

UK Kennel Club Assured Breeders since 2006

Local Authority licensed with a five star rating

RBC AWL 0008


Telephone 01509 672066

between 9am -5pm